How to prevent hidden dangers of gas boilers?


Special equipment boilers require many and high standar […]

Special equipment boilers require many and high standards in actual operation. Whenever boilers are used, companies must ensure safety, deal with and eliminate boiler safety hazards in time, then how to prevent gas boiler hazards? What are the hidden dangers of gas boilers?

Hidden Dangers and Prevention of Gas Boiler

As a combustible and easy to leak gas fuel, two major aspects should be paid attention to in boiler application. One is the release source, the other is the ignition source, and the third is the precautions of the boiler room. The specific types are as follows:

1. Release the source to ensure that the gas does not leak, and at the same time, consider the anti-riot deployment of electrical equipment in the release source environment.

2. Ignition sources, gas boiler ignition sources such as electrical equipment, such as switches, switches, magnetic starters, etc., arc generated during the division and process, and heat accumulation on the surface of electrical equipment may become ignition sources. The device causes the subject to ignite.

3. In the boiler room, do a good job of ventilation in the boiler room and pay attention to the detection of the mixture concentration.

Boiler safety management

1. Management system, boilers, boiler rooms, and operators must formulate safety management systems, such as equipment maintenance, shifts, cleaning, safety protection, and work records, and strictly regulate the operation of the boiler.

2. Inspect the work, check whether there are any problems before, during, and when the boiler is shut down, and eliminate the faults in time.

3. Safety education, regular skill training for boiler operators to improve boiler emergency handling ability and experience.

The above is for you to sort out the preventive measures for hidden dangers of gas boilers and the points of attention for boilers

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