How to judge whether a biomass boiler saves fuel? What are the methods?


Biomass boilers not only have high thermal efficiency, […]

Biomass boilers not only have high thermal efficiency, but also have much lower pollutant emissions than coal-fired boilers. They are also the type of boiler recommended and recommended by the environmental protection department. Then how to judge whether biomass boilers have achieved savings in fuel combustion? What are the ways to improve fuel utilization?

Determine whether the boiler is fuel efficient

1. Smoke color. Observe the color of the exhaust smoke of the biomass boiler. If black smoke emerges from the boiler chimney, it means that the biomass fuel is not fully burned, resulting in low fuel utilization.

2. Bottom ash and slag, observe the shape of biomass boiler ash, if the shape is mostly lumpy, it means that the fuel is not fully burned in the furnace and causes waste.

3. Furnace body temperature, you can touch the temperature of the outer wall of the biomass boiler to dissipate heat. If the temperature is too high, it means that the boiler itself is not good for heat preservation, causing a lot of heat to be lost, and more fuel needs to be consumed per unit of time to ensure the boiler The normal supply of steam or hot water, as well as the temperature of the boiler's exhaust pipe, is too high as a sign of excessive fuel consumption.

Fuel saving method for biomass boiler

1. Furnace worker, if you want a high-performance biomass boiler to operate efficiently and use fuel efficiently, it is recommended to hire an experienced boiler worker. This will not only save costs, but also make the boiler longer life and lower failure rate.

2. The material, the steel made of the boiler and the insulation material must be qualified. This should be done carefully when purchasing a boiler.

3. Fuels. Biomass fuels have a wide range of sources, and fuels with high calorific value and less water content should be selected to improve the ease of ignition.

4. Cleanup, it is necessary to do a good job of regular cleaning of the biomass boiler, so that the biomass boiler is always in an efficient operating state.

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