What is a waste heat boiler? What are the types of waste heat boilers?


With the development and progress of industrial manufac […]

With the development and progress of industrial manufacturing, different boilers differ greatly in terms of fuel and overall performance. So what is a waste heat boiler among the many types of boilers? What are the types of waste heat boilers?

What is a waste heat boiler

Waste heat boiler refers to the use of waste heat from industrial production to heat boiler water or steam, etc., so that the waste heat energy is well utilized and the cost of the enterprise is reduced. With the continuous improvement of technology, the various parameters of waste heat boiler Come higher.

Waste heat boiler structure

Waste heat boiler equipment is divided into steam drum and boiler body, and auxiliary equipment includes feedwater preheater and superheater.

Principle of waste heat boiler

The working principle of the waste heat boiler is to make the boiler medium flow in the tube, and the industrial waste heat flows outside the tube. The waste heat transfers heat to the medium. The medium absorbs heat such as heating water or steam to provide power or other auxiliary for production.

Source of waste heat

Industries that emit large amounts of industrial waste heat, such as cement, steel, thermoelectricity, ceramics, non-ferrous metals, etc., where the most waste heat is generated by high-temperature exhaust gas from iron-making and steel-making furnaces.

Types of waste heat boiler

According to the type of fluid in the tube: smoke tube waste heat boiler (or called fire tube) and water tube waste heat boiler.

Boiler water circulation methods are divided into: natural circulation, forced circulation, and tubular circulation.

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