How to make the gas boiler operate safely and stably? What are the points to note


The boiler has large volume and strong thermal energy c […]

The boiler has large volume and strong thermal energy conversion capacity, and is widely used in industrial production and civil life. The complex boiler structure makes manual maintenance during use to ensure the safe operation of the boiler. How to use it in many boiler models Safe and smooth operation of gas boilers? What are the points to note?

Regulations on the use of gas boilers

1. System, before the boiler room is put into use, a rigorous and complete management system must be formulated. For example, the boiler room must be cleaned and kept clean every day, and no debris should be piled up. Second, outsiders are not allowed to enter the boiler room. Third, the boiler operator It is necessary to hold a certificate to work, and to regularly train to improve the boiler operation and management technical experience, do a good job in dealing with emergencies, and maximize the guarantee that the boiler will not stop and operate safely.

2. Inspection, there are many boiler parts. In order to ensure the safe operation of the boiler, no accidents, etc., the boiler maintenance inspection and maintenance should be done on a regular basis, including the boiler accessories. The inside and outside of the boiler should also be observed daily, and if any problems are found, they should be dealt with in time and done well. Record work.

3. Clean up the pollution, the boiler should do a good job of cleaning up the pollution to ensure that there is no scale in the boiler, improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, and prevent the scale from bringing safety hazards to the boiler operation.

Attention to the use of gas boiler

1. Water quality. Boiler water must be treated in accordance with standards. Unqualified water quality will cause a series of problems for boiler operation.

2. Alarm, if the boiler burner repeatedly alarms and locks during the startup process, you need to find out the cause immediately, find out the fault and remove it, and then press the reset button to continue the startup.

3. Load, according to the boiler operating instructions, do not make the boiler work under low load or high load, too high or low will cause hidden danger to the boiler operation.

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