What is a biogas boiler? How much cubic biogas does it consume in 1 hour?


Boilers are widely used in production and life. The con […]

Boilers are widely used in production and life. The continuous thermal energy conversion has greatly improved the efficiency of industrial production and promoted the rapid development of the industry. What is a biogas boiler among the many types of boilers? How many cubic meters of biogas does the biogas boiler consume per hour?

Introduction of biogas boiler

As the name suggests, a biogas boiler is a boiler that burns biogas. There are different furnace types such as hot water, steam and heat transfer oil. As a new energy source, biogas not only reduces the cost of the boiler, but also solves the problem of recycling agricultural and forestry waste. Mainly applicable to slaughter plants, breeding plants, etc., to realize the recycling of the ecological chain of breeding farms.

Gas consumption of biogas boiler

According to the calculation of the standard fuel calorific value, the gas consumption per hour of a 1 ton biogas boiler is about 140Nm3/h, but in practice, it is divided into industrial type, simple type and self-made type. The actual gas consumption of each type is:

1. The biogas produced by the industrial biogas generator is about 140-150Nm3/h;

2. The biogas produced by the simple biogas generator will be around 160-180Nm3/h;

3. The biogas produced by the self-made biogas generator is about 200Nm3/h.

Advantages of biogas boiler

1. Automation, the biogas boiler is equipped with an intelligent operating system like many gas boilers, and the entire combustion process is fully automatic control, which makes the boiler operate with high efficiency and energy saving, which is simpler and more convenient than manual operation, and improves the efficiency of the furnace.

2. Safety, the biogas boiler is equipped with automatic interlocking protection such as flameout protection, water shortage protection, ultra-high temperature protection, etc., to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the boiler.

3. Designed structure, compact structure, convenient installation, small floor space, saving the land cost of boiler room for enterprises.

4. Pollution-free, pollution-free is a major advantage and selling point of biogas boilers, which is very suitable for the current period of strict environmental protection requirements. The main component of renewable energy biogas is methane, which is fully burned to produce carbon dioxide and water with five poisons.

5. Economic efficiency, especially for breeding farms or some organic wastes in daily life, through certain technical means to ferment to produce combustible biogas, which not only solves these livestock manures, but also biogas slurry is also a good fertilizer, and realizes the farm’s availability. Sustainable ecological development.

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