It is absolutely impossible to do this when decorating a flue in the kitchen


Moving to a new house is a very happy thing, but if you […]

Moving to a new house is a very happy thing, but if you find that there is a string of smoke and backflow in the kitchen flue when cooking, then no matter how good the mood is, it will become very bad. The discovery of this situation may be that I did not realize the importance of the flue during the decoration, so I ignored it. So today I use the experience and lessons of the past to remind everyone.

First of all, whether the flue in the kitchen is the main flue or the secondary flue, it must be retained. Many people may only know the main flue, but do not know that there are auxiliary flues. The main flue runs through the entire building, and the auxiliary flue is separated from the main flue by a partition with holes. It is sealed by the floor slab, relatively speaking, it is independent. The smoke from cooking will pass through the auxiliary flue first and then enter the main flue, so as to ensure that there is no possibility of smoke.

Some people just want to expand the space and get rid of it. Now that the suction power of the range hood is insufficient, they can always smell the fragrance of various dishes every day at the meal. Later, when I asked the master if there was any way to solve this problem, I realized that the auxiliary flue could not be knocked out. It is also possible to smash the auxiliary flue and then bend the flue pipe 45 degrees upwards, saying that it can avoid some anti-smoke problems.

In fact, this method is not very reliable. Although it has the help of a check valve, it will not be closed tightly if it is not cleaned frequently. The problem of smoke will still occur, and it will occupy the space of the flue. Everyone does this, so the flue will be occupied in a large amount, so that the smoke is not smooth.

Second, pay attention to details in the installation and construction of the kitchen. For example, the location of the range hood should be arranged properly, and the pipe should be as short as possible. Many people did not plan well when planning, which caused the pipe of the range hood to be very long. When the range hood is not working, the pipe will be The remaining oil fume can not be discharged, and then poured back into the room. When the flue opens, it must be inside the auxiliary flue, and it cannot be changed at will to avoid anti-smoke; of course, the flue hole can be enlarged, but do not damage the baffle of the auxiliary flue.

Then, give up the flue and perforate the smoke alone. Many people with life experience know that if the flue is not properly installed, it will anti-smoke, so it is not impossible to perforate the smoke through the window or wall, but there are a few points to note. First, the hole can be opened only with the permission of the property; second, the opening cannot be too small or too large, which will affect the life of the range hood; third, it is best to bend downward after the pipe is extended, which is not conducive to water intake. wind.

Finally, there are two check valves, one is on the range hood and the other is on the flue. Although there is a check valve on the range hood, the effect is not obvious. The check valve on the flue can effectively protect the range hood without the possibility of backflow. In addition, the check valve should be cleaned regularly, otherwise the check valve will lose its effect. It is better to replace it every two years if possible.

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