Processing steps of stainless steel welded ventilation ducts


1. Tube blanking (1) Strictly stop according to the dra […]

1. Tube blanking
(1) Strictly stop according to the drawing, and the data should be carefully checked for the correct size before cutting.
(2) When blanking, it is necessary to prevent the presentation of data waste.
(3) If the pipe material is relatively special, the material should be discharged as a whole, and then the material should be discharged to control the amount of pipe.
(4) If stainless steel pipes are used, mechanical or plasma cutting should be used when cutting, and flame cutting can be used for others.
(5) The inclination of the end face of the incision cannot exceed 2 mm.
2. Bevel preparation
Should be stopped in accordance with the standard request, the connection is mainly by welding. If it is a bevel for medium and low pressure pipelines, V-shaped bevel should be adopted; if it is for high-pressure pipelines, a YV-shaped bevel should be adopted. The groove processing should be smooth and without any defects.
3. Welding group pair
It is the pairing of pipelines, and the pipeline interface must be cleared before that.
What are the processing steps for stainless steel welded ventilation ducts?
4. Pipeline prefabrication
When stopping pipeline prefabrication, there should be strict prefabrication permission bias, and the prefabricated parts should be numbered according to the rule request to stop quality control.
5. Assemble the pipe butt weld
The assembly of butt welds of the pipeline should be flush with the inner wall, and the amount of misalignment should not exceed 10% of the wall thickness.

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