The difference between smoke exhaust valve and smoke exhaust fire damper


Today I will work with you to understand the difference […]

Today I will work with you to understand the difference between fire dampers and smoke exhaust fire dampers. As we all know, fire dampers are used to isolate the spread of smoke and flames in the fire area, and can meet the requirements of fire stability and fire integrity within a certain period of time.

And the reasonable setting of fire dampers in the ventilation, air conditioning and smoke exhaust systems plays an important role.

Smoke and fire dampers are mainly used in ventilation and air conditioning systems. Usually they are fire dampers at 70 degrees Celsius. They are usually open. When the flue gas temperature in the air duct reaches 70 degrees, it will automatically close. The control method is automatic.

The smoke exhaust valve is mainly used in the mechanical smoke exhaust system. It is a 280 degree Celsius fire valve, which is normally closed and will automatically alarm when a fire occurs.

Fire damper, fire control valve, normally open, closed at 70 degrees, generally installed at the place where the air pipe passes through the firewall, and acts as a fire shutdown. The output signal can be set. When the smoke sense exceeds 70 degrees, the valve will be closed, and the fan will be interlocked to send (repair) the fan closure;

Fire damper, 280 degrees fuse closed, normally open, output electrical signal. This is similar to 1, except that the fuse temperature is different. It is generally used for fire exhaust pipes to pass through the firewall. When the flue gas temperature exceeds 280 degrees, it will automatically fuse and close, and it can be interlocked. Turn off the exhaust fan.

The name of the smoke exhaust valve varies from unit to unit. Some are called smoke exhaust valves based on its operating temperature, and some are called fire dampers based on its nature of use. However, for the equipment, only the fusible metal of ordinary fire dampers is replaced by 280 degrees fusible.

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