What are the hazards and disadvantages caused by slagging of gas steam boilers?


Gas-fired steam boilers are widely used and play an imp […]

Gas-fired steam boilers are widely used and play an important role. Daily maintenance is directly related to the safe operation of the boiler. So what are the disadvantages of slagging of gas-fired steam boilers to the boiler operation?

Slagging hazards of gas boilers

1. Slagging on the heating surface. If there is a slagging problem on the heating surface of the boiler, the flue gas passage will be blocked and the flue gas resistance will increase, which will make it difficult for the fan to increase the air volume and be forced to reduce the load to operate, which cannot meet the standard requirements.

2. Slagging on the water wall, if the boiler water wall slagging, the heat transfer resistance will increase, the heat transfer will be weakened, the heat absorbed by the working fluid will decrease, the exhaust gas temperature will increase, and the exhaust heat loss will increase, which will directly lead to the reduction of the boiler thermal efficiency.

3. Slagging at the burner nozzle will change the airflow structure of the burner outlet, thereby destroying the aerodynamic working conditions in the furnace and affecting the combustion process.

Boiler slagging prevention

1. Reasonably design the shape of the boiler furnace, and at the same time set up the burner correctly. The slagging problem should be fully considered in the selection of the burner.

2. During the operation of the gas boiler, avoid overloading the boiler, control the flame center position, and avoid flame deflection and wall flushing.

The above is for you to sort out the disadvantages and hazards of gas steam boiler slagging.

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