What should I pay attention to when turning on a steam and gas boiler? Operation process


Gas-fired steam boilers need to install relevant requir […]

Gas-fired steam boilers need to install relevant requirements and regulations from opening to normal and stable operation. Parameters must not be changed at will or they are not opened and closed in order. Then what should be paid attention to when opening steam-gas boilers? What are the operating procedures?

Turn on the steam and gas boiler

Gas-fired steam boilers still need to do various work before ignition after ensuring a series of procedures such as registration, installation and commissioning to ensure the normal startup and safe operation of the boiler, as follows:

1. Valve instruments. These two types of accessories are important parts to ensure the safe operation of the boiler. For example, valves include check valves, stop valves, and pressure relief valves. Each valve has a specific function to ensure that the instrument scale cleaning is visible. For boiler operators to refer to the settings to ensure boiler safety.

2. There are many connections, boiler pipes, etc., such as gas supply, water supply, water pump tank, steam pipes, etc., to ensure that there is no water leakage.

3. Line voltage, gas boiler operation requires power support, such as water pump operation, burner ignition operation, etc., to ensure that the line is normal and the voltage meets the specified value requirements on the boiler nameplate.

4. Control system. The gas boiler is equipped with an electric control cabinet plc intelligent control system. Make sure that the touch screen setting is effective and the buttons are in the normal position.

5. Soft water treatment, gas boiler operation requires high water quality, and it must undergo soft water treatment to remove calcium and magnesium ions in the water to prevent boiler fouling and reduce thermal efficiency and performance.

Gas steam boiler operation process

The entire operating process of a gas-fired steam boiler is generally three parts: start, run and stop. Each process requires professional furnace workers to set the parameters according to the boiler nameplate requirements. The boiler must not be operated under low load or overload. Daily boilers All parts of the maintenance work should be done, such as anti-corrosion, the boiler room should be kept dry and ventilated, and there should be no accumulation of water at the bottom of the boiler.

For steam and gas boilers to operate under pressure, check the pressure relief valve on the top of the boiler regularly to ensure that the boiler can automatically bounce to relieve pressure when the boiler is over-pressured. Check whether there is any abnormal noise after the boiler is ignited. Remove and maintain it in time. If the situation is serious, stop it in time. Restart the boiler after refurbishing the furnace to ensure that it is correct.

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