Why do high-end villas like to use stainless steel pipes?


For villa decoration, the installation of water pipes, […]

For villa decoration, the installation of water pipes, such a hidden project, is more cautious than ordinary houses. Because the space and floor area are often as high as hundreds of square meters, plus the layout of multiple bathroom spaces, kitchens, and balconies, it is more cautious in the waterway. In the design of the pipeline's moving line, there are more stringent requirements on the quality of the water pipe and the comfort of water use.

Compared with ordinary residential projects, the distribution of water space for villas is more scattered, and some rooms and areas may be far away from the main water inlet. If the inner diameter of the pipe is too small, it is easy to cause a small water flow; in addition, the second or third floor The bathroom is also a test for the inner diameter of the pipe. Similarly, if the inner diameter is too small, the comfort during the shower will be greatly reduced. Therefore, this is also a far cry from the original intention of the "comfortable life" advocated by the villa.

However, the inner diameter of the pipe is not as large as possible, because most of the pipes are laid inside the wall. Generally speaking, the larger the inner diameter of the pipe, the larger its outer diameter, which is more destructive to the wall, blindly. Choosing large-diameter pipes may cause damage to the wall structure, and wall cracks may also occur in the later stage.

Therefore, this kind of pipe installation-stainless steel water pipe is becoming more and more popular in the villa decoration market.

Compared with traditional PP-R water pipes, stainless steel water pipes have better quality in terms of material durability, safety, health, and comfort. This type of "best straight pipe" has been unanimously recognized by global health and scientific research institutions. Drinking water pipes have also been strongly recommended by governments at all levels in the era of quality life and consumption upgrades.

In terms of durability, stainless steel water pipes are more resistant to wear than PP-R water pipes, especially when installed, they can be disassembled and used repeatedly, reducing consumables. From the perspective of safety, stainless steel water pipes are resistant to cracking and pressure, and can still be used in extreme environments such as -270℃-400℃. There is no need to worry about the risk of pipe cracking. Its pressure can reach 100KG, which is worry-free for daily use. . In terms of health, food-grade materials not only will not precipitate any harmful substances, but also can effectively prevent the penetration of harmful substances in asphalt, waterproof coatings, cement and other materials during decoration, and truly ensure clean and healthy water quality, which is especially worthwhile. It is mentioned that stainless steel pipes are the best choice in high-precision technology fields such as medicine, wine making, and aviation. Finally, from the perspective of the extreme comfort of the villa, the stainless steel water pipe has a thinner inner diameter and a smoother inner wall than the PP-R water pipe. Under the same outer diameter, the stainless steel water pipe has a larger inner diameter and a large water flow, especially in the shower. Some villa owners like the "pain" brought by this super large current, and the feeling of heavy water falling on their bodies.

Living in a villa, living in a more comfortable and comfortable quality of life, and enjoying the pleasure brought by a vast space, so in this kind of quality living space, the same high-quality stainless steel water pipes should be used. After all, a better life, Should not be upset by poor quality water pipes.

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